Letters To Seniors

The Pandemic has brought a real need for safe connection with others.  Social isolation and declining mental health has affected many of us.  Falling under our mission to bridge and enrich generations, in the summer of 2020, we initiated a new program aiding the creation of intergenerational connections within the community in a safe and engaging manner during these unprecedented times.

Our new program called Letters to Seniors involves supporting isolated seniors with encouraging, meaningful handwritten letters sent by volunteers of all ages. The program consists of two phases:
Phase One: Volunteers of all ages send drawings / short cheerful cards / letters to seniors
Phase Two: Youth and seniors who are eager to build a connection with one another join the pen-pal format of the program, where they send letters back and forth and discuss their interests, hobbies, etc.

Our Letters to Seniors Program has been a huge success!  In order to keep up with the demand from youth, we are currently actively seeking seniors to join our Letters To Seniors Program.  If you are interested in participating in our program, please email info@volunteergrandparents.ca for more information and our registration link.

Now, more than ever in this time of Covid-19, and the social isolation that it creates, we know categorically that our intergenerational programming matters!

There is no doubt that we will get through this together,  we just have to stay the course and play it safe!