Helena & Christopher

Helena and her 11-year-old son, Christopher, are part of our Family Match program and are currently searching for a Volunteer Grandparent to join their family. We asked Helena some questions about our program and why she’s excited to find a match.

Why did you apply to be in our Family Match program?

“It would be nice to have another mature adult in our life […], especially during the pandemic. […] I’m not specifically looking for mentoring, but more for a long-term family friend [who] eventually would be part of our family.”

How do you think being involved in our program would have helped during the height of the pandemic?

“We would be more connected, [with] a lot more people in our social bubble. Every person is significant […], especially during special events like holidays – it’s nice to have another person you consider to be family in your social bubble.”

What kinds of activities do you hope to do with your matched grandparent?

“Hanging out (especially during the holidays) is the main thing, and the more shared interests the better. He would really like someone who likes hockey or fishing, or talking about current events, politicians… just spending time together. We may not share all interests, but we would still hang out because we’re family.”

Can you tell me about your child’s hobbies and interests?

“He likes ball hockey, ice hockey… talking about politicians and current events… board games, Lego, food! Like sometimes he wants to do certain things like cooking that I don’t know how to do, like he’ll [want to make something] from scratch.”

If you are interested in participating in the Family Match Program, please email us at info@volunteergrandparents.ca.